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BookReady: Transparent and Affordable Self-Publishing Services

Aug 9, 2023

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As a self-publishing author, you have a lot of choices (yay!), but too many options can also be overwhelming (boo!). With so many self-publishing services available, authors can easily find themselves sucked into a service that looks great on the outside, only to be left disappointed and broke.

That’s where BookReady comes in. Our goal is simple: To provide transparent, affordable self-publishing services that span the entire production process and produce a high-quality result—with no hidden fees.

When an author decides to self-publish, they do so knowing there’s a cost attached. Everything from editing to formatting and cover design can quickly add up. We get it. But unlike other publishing companies who pile on the fees, our straightforward pricing system means that what you see is what you get. We want to make the process as simple as possible for our authors—you do the writing, and we’ll help bring it to life.

Backed by a team of industry professionals with decades of publishing experience, we’re proud to be a one-stop solution for independent authors. What makes us different from all the rest? Let’s look at some of the self-publishing costs we found while doing market research.

When we scoured the internet for data on the costs of publishing a book, we found a range of pricing. For instance, we found blogs that calculated $1,820 for copyediting eighty-two thousand words. However, an actual quote came back at $2,050 plus 10% in fees. Similarly, we found suggestions to budget $250–$750 on typesetting, while the actual quote was $1,200 plus 10% in fees. Cover design was the same: $750 estimate, $1,200 + fees as the final quote.

Service What the blogs say Actual Quote
Copy-editing $1,820 $2,050 + 10% fees
Typesetting $250-$750 $1,200 + 10% fees
Cover Design $750 $1,200 + 10% fees


Yes, we were as shocked as you. Add it all up, and you get two very different totals.

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It’s clear that a simple Google search may give you one figure, but when you dig further, the final cost may be significantly higher. It is unfair to writers who are trying to stay within a budget. With vast dollar figure ranges, it’s nearly impossible to understand how much publishing your book will truly cost. What’s more, you may wonder if there will be even more expenses down the line.

Not at BookReady. At our conception, we set out to provide authors with transparency and honesty. It’s as simple as a few clicks, and you’re on your way to having your book in your hands. Self-publishing shouldn’t be frustrating, nor should it break the bank. Writers who partner with us can expect clear communication, understandable pricing, and options for every level. Because at BookReady, you get just what the author ordered.