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Book Cover Design

Starting at $399

Product Summary: Your book cover is the first thing potential readers will see, and it can make or break their decision to purchase your book. A poorly designed cover can turn off potential readers, while a well-designed cover captures their attention and entices them to learn more. Stand out from the crowd with our book cover designs.

Have questions? Go to our FAQs. 

While you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, your readers subconsciously do. For example, someone looking for a light romance will skip past a dark, spooky cover design. So your book cover should not only display the title clearly but signal the genre as well.

At BookReady, our book cover designers know the intricacies of what works in the market and for genres. They will create your vision and send suggestions to catch your reader’s eye. You will receive files ready to use for your publishing and printing needs when the final design is approved.

To start designing your book cover, we will need:

  • Book title and author name
  • Book blurb
  • Completed questionnaire, including book size (trim size) and binding type

After your purchase, we will send you an email with information on sending us the above.

  • Getting Started items sent to BookReady.
  • We will send you a watermarked cover design with suggestions for edits or revisions. You can send feedback for one round of edits.
    If we do not receive feedback after 30 calendar days, we will consider this stage approved and move on to the next stage.
  • Once feedback or approval is received, we will create and send the final book cover design.
    We will consider this project approved if we do not receive feedback after 5 business days.
  • After receiving feedback or approval, we will send you publishing and print-ready files.

Once we have your Getting Started items, creating a print-ready cover design will take approximately 4 weeks. As with all our processes, our timeline depends on the author’s availability for feedback.


FAQs About Our Book Cover Design Services

What types of formats does your book cover design include?

We offer 3 different options:

  • Paperback & eBook
  • Hardcover & eBook
  • Paperback, Hardcover, & eBook
Do your hardback and paperback book designs include the front, spine, and back cover?

Yes, you will receive the entire book cover design. If your book has at least 18 pages, you will also get a file for the spine.

How many pages are needed to have a book spine?

A book’s minimum page count to have a spine is 18 pages.

Can I have text on my book spine?

You can have text on your book spine if your book is 48 pages or longer.

Will my cover design meet KDP and Ingram requirements?

Yes, your final files will be publishing-ready and adhere to your publisher’s guidelines.

I want my main character(s) on the front cover. Can you create a highly detailed cover based on the description I offer?

Yes, purchase an illustration here with your book cover purchase. Then when you get the questionnaire, let us know it should be on your cover!

Can you use an image I found online for the cover design?

You must purchase a license first since all images, photographs, vector art, fonts, and other design elements found online are subject to copyright.

Are stock images included?

Yes, we use images from Shutterstock under the standard license and include them in your purchase price.