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Book Marketing


Product Summary: Are you an author looking to take your book marketing to the next level? Our book marketing service is just what you need to reach a wider audience and boost your sales. Our package includes a book trailer video, a recorded interview with a book expert, and social media content to promote your book to your target audience.

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Our book marketing service is just what busy authors need to reach their target audience. We offer a comprehensive package that includes a professional book trailer video, a live Zoom interview with a book expert, and customized social media content to promote your book.

A book trailer video will captivate your audience and showcase your book in a visually stunning and engaging way. Our team of skilled videographers and editors will work with you to create a video that captures the essence of your book and draws viewers in.

Then connect with your readers and share your insights about your book with a live Zoom interview. Our expert interviewer will guide the conversation and help you highlight your unique perspective and ideas.

To top it all off, our social media content will promote your book to your target audience and drive traffic to your online store. We create engaging posts that showcase your book’s features, benefits, and reviews for maximum engagement.

You will receive a book trailer video file, a Zoom interview file, and twelve (12) social media content posts.

To start developing your book marketing campaign, we will need:

  • Completed questionnaire
  • Cover design
  • Link to where your book is available for sale
  • Availability for the Zoom interview

After your purchase, we will send you an email with information on sending us the above.

  • Getting Started items sent to BookReady.
  • We will schedule your Zoom interview date and send you an email invite with the link to join the Zoom Interview, plus a list of questions you’ll be asked during the interview.
  • On your scheduled date, you will have your Zoom interview.
  • After editing your interview, we will send you the Zoom interview file and the social media posts.
  • If needed, there is one round of edits for the social posts, and we can re-record the Zoom interview once.
  • We will send you all the files and consider the project approved if we do not receive any feedback after 5 business days.

After completing the interview, it will take approximately 3-4 weeks to finish your book promotion campaign. The complete timeline depends on the author’s availability for an interview.

FAQs About Our Book Marketing Services

What is a book marketing or promotion campaign?
A book promotion campaign is a series of targeted marketing activities designed to promote a book to a specific audience. The goal is to increase visibility, generate buzz, and ultimately drive sales for the book.
How long does a book marketing campaign last?
The length of a book marketing campaign can vary depending on the goals and budget of the campaign. Some campaigns last a few weeks, while others last for several months. Therefore, having a clear plan and setting realistic goals and timelines is essential.
What kind of activities are included in your book marketing?
We offer a complete video and social media package to help you market your book like a pro. This package includes the following:

Book Trailer: Our video production team will create a stunning book trailer that showcases your cover design and other images related to your book’s theme or story. We’ll also include information on where readers can purchase your book, making it easy for them to take action.

Author Interview: You will participate in a professionally conducted video interview via Zoom with an experienced book interviewer. The final edited video will be three to five minutes long.

Social Media Content: We’ll craft 12 social media posts that will captivate your audience, including:

  • Four engaging posts that will connect with your readers on a personal level. These posts can cover topics such as what motivated you to write your book, your goals as an author, plans for sequels, and inspirational quotes.
  • Four sales-focused posts that will direct readers to where they can purchase your book on platforms such as Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and others.
  • Four other informational posts, such as “About the Book,” “Meet the Author,” a video trailer, teaser passages, author-autographed giveaways, or other creative ideas you have in mind.

With our comprehensive video and social media package, you’ll have a professional and engaging online presence that will help you connect with readers, increase your book’s visibility, and ultimately drive sales.

How do I know a book marketing campaign is working?
You can use several metrics to measure the success of a book marketing campaign, including book sales, website traffic, and social media engagement. It’s important to have clear goals and track your progress against those goals.