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Copy Editing

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Product Summary: Copy editing is perfect for authors who want their writing to be polished. Our experienced editors understand the importance of clear, concise writing and use the Chicago Manual of Style to help you achieve your goals.

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For readers, a book full of typos can be such a distraction that it turns the pleasure of reading a good book into a pain. While many authors can get their manuscripts into decent shape, a second set of eyes to help fine-tune your manuscript is imperative.

At BookReady, our professional copy editors will be your fresh set of eyes, helping to fine-tune your manuscript and make suggested changes based on the grammar rules outlined in the Chicago Manual of Style, the industry standard. Then we’ll send you your edited manuscript with tracked changes so you can review them.

To start copy editing your manuscript, we will need:

  • Final manuscript in Microsoft Word
  • Completed questionnaire

After your purchase, we will send you an email with information on sending us the above.

  • Getting Started items sent to BookReady.
  • We will send you 1 round of edits in Microsoft Word with tracked changes and any suggestions we have.
    We will consider the project approved if we do not receive any feedback after 5 business days.

Once we have your Getting Started items, it will take approximately 2-4 weeks to edit your manuscript, depending on the length.

FAQs About Our Copy Editing Services

What does a copy editor do?

A copy editor is a professional who reads and edits manuscripts, articles, and other written materials to catch errors and are consistent with a particular style guide (we use The Chicago Manual of Style). The copy editor’s primary goal is to improve the readability of the text.

Why do I need copy editing?

Copy editing is an essential step in the publishing process. It helps ensure that your book is polished and professional and follows standard grammar and punctuation conventions. Overall, copy editing is an important step in ensuring the success of your book. It can help improve your writing, catch mistakes, and make your book more appealing to readers.

What are the differences between line editing and copy editing?

Line editing and copy editing focus on improving the quality and readability of written content, but the two have some key differences.

Line editing, also known as content editing, focuses on the overall structure and style of the text. Line editing ensures that the content flows well, is engaging, and meets the intended audience’s needs. Line editors will often make significant changes to the text, such as rearranging paragraphs or rephrasing sentences to improve clarity and readability.

On the other hand, copy editing is a more detailed type of editing that focuses on correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax errors. Copy editing aims to ensure that the text is accurate and consistent. In addition, copy editors will often work with a style guide to ensure that the text conforms to a particular set of guidelines or standards.

Why is editorial quality so important for books?

Editorial quality is vital for books because it directly impacts the reading experience for your audience. By investing in high-quality editing, authors can improve the clarity, accuracy, and overall professionalism, helping attract and retain readers and achieve greater success.